We see a future where consumers and the healthcare ecosystem embrace change to shift the focus from short-term sickcare to prioritizing preventative longer-term health care. Oura focused first on sleep, because it’s a daily habit. Each morning, we all rise and ask ourselves how we feel. It also turns out that sleep is perhaps the most impactful daily practice on our overall health. Oura raised $100 million Series C, led by new investors who have diverse backgrounds. In the expanding need for better health, wearable devices — historically a market for early tech adopters and fitness enthusiasts — are evolving as a valuable solution to enable a healthy life. Nearly 200 million “smartwatches” and “fitness bands” were sold last year, and we see more people recognizing the value of having agency and understanding over their health information, signifying that societal needs are evolving and the true age of health ownership is now. The Classic Workout Health & Wellness App is a part of this age of health ownership.