In 2020, Omar Aziz, an educator at Southern University At New Orleans was inspired by his mentor, Dr Harold Lundy, former President of Grambling State University to teach a course in business systematization. Dr. Lundy would often say to Omar, that “The future success of any business is a function of the process by which it was acquired or created.”   The research for this course was rooted in the work of Michael Gerber, The E-Myth.                                                  

Before starting with Business Systems and Touchstone Business Solution Software, Omar wanted to clearly establish the existence of and the need for “systems”. He stated that All life consists of systems. For this discussion he focused on three systems: (1) Solar (2) Earth and (3) Human. Although the Solar and Earth systems have existed for billions of years. The modern form of humans evolved only 200,000 years ago on the continent of Africa. After reviewing the 11 key systems in the human anatomy and their functions, he was inspired not only to create a business systematization course, but also a lifestyle coaching and training around three key health and wellness functions: Diet (how we eat), Exercise (how we move) and Rejuvenate (how we sleep). He brought together three of his students with different backgrounds and experiences to create Fitness On The Bayou: The Classic Workout.

  • Dottie Belletto – CEO of NOCCI
  • Vince Batholomew – Founder of New Beginning Training
  • Paul Johnson aka Petey Paul – Owner Of The Wut It Do Network


A Most Beautiful Thing : The True Story of America’s First All-Black High School Rowing Team, and the inspiration behind Fitness On The Bayou: The Classic Workout.

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